Written Test Prep
We can give you all of the tools to pass your written test in confidence!

No need to struggle anymore... Hollywood Flight Training is holding monthly weekend ground school sessions to prepare you to pass any written exam. Join us and put the knowledge test behind you!  For schedule and pricing give us a call!

Private Pilot Course
APA Flight School Offer to Teach you to be a Private Pilot so You are able to Sore the Sky and Take Your Family and Friends For the Flight of a Lifetime!

40 hours of flight time
20 hours dual, including:

♦   3 hours cross-country
♦   3 hours night, including:
♦   One cross-country flight over 100 NM
♦   10 Take Offs & Landings to full stops
♦   3 hours instrument
♦   3 hours of test prep (within 60 days of flight test)
♦   10 hours solo
♦   5 hours solo cross-country
♦   One 150 NM solo cross-country flight (full stop)
♦   Three points, one being at least 50 NM

Commercial Pilot
Looking to become a Professional Pilot? APA offers career training with The Best Commercial Pilot Training.


250 hours of flight time
100 hours in a powered aircraft (at least 50 hours in airplanes)
100 hours of PIC time which include:

♦   50 hours in airplanes
♦   50 hours of cross-country time (at least 10 hours in airplanes)
♦   20 hours of training which include:
♦   10 hours instrument training (at least 5 hours in either single or multi)
♦   10 hours complex
♦   One 2-hour day VFR cross-country of more than 100 NM
♦   One 2-hour night VFR cross-country of more than 100 NM
♦   3 hours of test prep. (within 60 days of flight test)
♦   10 hours solo
♦   One cross-country flight of no less than 300 NM
♦   One leg of at least 250 NM from departure point
♦   5 hours of night VFR flight
♦   10 takeoffs & landings at an airport with operating control tower

Instrument Course

Are you already a private pilot that wants to take your flight skills to the next level? Do you want to learn and be able to fly in the clouds and low visibility? Then this is your next step!


   50 Hours of cross country time PIC
   40 Hours of simulated of actual instrument time
   15 Hours instruction
   3 hours of test prep
   One IFR cross country of at least 250 NM with 3 different approaches

Flight Instructor
Come in Today and find out about our CFI Academy. We Specialize in Training to have all three of the instructor's ratings: CFI-A. CFI-I and MEI.